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About: Musician, poet, radio host, avid kite flyer, 95% optimistic.

On here, I use initials. I'm M, my boyfriend is P, and my best friends are G, J, and C.

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“If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.”

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This hit me harder than I expected.

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oh shit

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Anonymous asked: pic of u and p please !!! with faces in the pic !!!

Pictures of faces are only for people who aren’t anon!

Mumbling while baking…”I just need to add three cups of flowers.”

Just discovered today you can easily add electronic signatures with Preview and IT IS BEAUTIFUL.

thenakedgeologist asked: pic of u and p please !!! (I have no idea what you two look like huhuhu)

Here u go.

Anonymous asked: pic of u and p please !!!

I would consider it if you weren’t anonymous!


Witold Janowski poster for Ophelia, 1964.


Witold Janowski poster for Ophelia, 1964.

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P and I were just lying in bed tonight, and he tickled my leg with his hand. I reached down and grabbed his fingers and said, “hand hold!” Upon further touch-inspection, my brain was BAFFLED. His fingers felt really short, like one of the joints on each finger was missing. I questioned my sanity. I wondered whether I was hallucinating, or having a dream, or perhaps he had somehow tucked/curled his fingers in an unusual way. I felt around further to discover the answer to this quandary. My brain was reeling, and I could just picture this strange hand with a regular sized palm and little stubby fingers, and was freaking out about how this could possibly be real life. It was at that moment that P said, “You know that’s my foot, right?”

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can we talk about how the impressionists dealt with each other

when debussy accused erik satie’s pieces of having no form, satie turned around and wrote this


three pieces in the form of a pear

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"The first time I had sex, I raced home and was like, ‘Mom, I just had sex! Where’s the clit?’"

Reblogging for tags.


#I will literally never get over this quote #like CAN YOU IMAGINE LITTLE SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD CHRIS #PULLING OUT AND THROWING HIS CLOTHES ON #AND THE GIRL IS LIKE WHAT #AND HE JUST RUNS OUT THE FUCKING DOOR #SPRINTS TWENTY MINUTES HOME TO HIS HOUSE #running into the house and being doubled over and panting #and his mom is like ‘what is wrong’ #and he says this #and she smiles and rolls her eyes and tells him what to do #and he races the fuck back for round two #actual golden retriever

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i was told….

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