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About: Musician, poet, radio host, avid kite flyer, 95% optimistic.

On here, I use initials. I'm M, my boyfriend is P, and my best friends are G, J, and C.

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i was told….

—customers who wanna start some shit   (via stability)

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arteries will always hold a special place in my heart

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Humans and Emojis can coexist. See how.


The quickest way to destroy a crush is to ask for their views on feminism.

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Watching What Not To Wear, and a collaborator was wearing a size 38B bra and she went for a fitting and she’s actually a 34G. HOWWW.

get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite relationships » han solo & leia organa

Captain, being held by you isn’t quite enough to get me excited.

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Deep pug thoughts. 


Deep pug thoughts. 

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Pretty good six month anniversary! I got us a mini cake as a surprise for last night, he surprised me this morning with breakfast in bed.

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Rosie Lee Monument  

Mark Fleming  HERE
Artists statement:  ”The 2012 sporting calendar is a unique pinnacle in British sport and creativity. As an agency that prides itself on high-end sport art direction and creative concept development we wanted to celebrate this fact. We titled the project Monument. 
Working with photographer John Ross, we explored and developed a unique casting technique first utilised by John in his 2010 project Impressions. Identifying a link between Greek sculpture and the alabaster-like visuals produced from this method of casting, Monument documents, preserves and celebrates outstanding athletic achievement 
Representing 10 disciplines, athletes were cast to display the physical attributes specific to their sport – the swimmer’s shoulders, the fencer’s poise, the specific twist of the relay baton pass. Our attention to the minutiae of correct pose and form is in direct homage to the unwavering dedication of the athlete as they train to be the best in their field.”

"I didn’t know a thing about contemporary art before I met her."


"I didn’t know a thing about contemporary art before I met her."


why heeellllooooo


why heeellllooooo

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Men With Flower Beards [boredpanda]

Previously: Guys With Fancy Female Hairstyles

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